Production of bituminous concrete

LLC “YIT INFRA Latvija” produces bituminous concrete using production equipment and facilities developed and manufactured by YIT Group.

Bituminous concrete mixtures are produced in compliance with the requirements set by the customer for each specific building object according to technical regulations and specifications. The company's material testing laboratories carry out production checks without any delay and in accordance with the internal production control procedure and accreditation requirements.

Due to the fact that more than 100 bituminous concrete plants are located in the countries of YIT Group operation in Northern Europe and the Baltic region, there is a possibility to quickly coordinate the logistics of the necessary spare parts and maintenance of the facilities to ensure a stable process of the bituminous concrete production and flexibly adapt to the customers' conditions of the supply and production time schedule.

LLC “YIT INFRA Latvija” currently owns two bituminous concrete production plants. The bituminous concrete production plant in “Bicītes” in Garkalne municipality was completely reconstructed in 2004 and modernized in 2008; and, today the plant reaches the bituminous concrete production capacity of up to 200 t/h. The other bituminous concrete plant owned by the company is located in “Pēternieki”, Sakstagals parish, Rēzekne municipality; it was built in 2008 and completely modernized in 2014. This bituminous concrete plant can provide production capacity of up to 180 t/h.

Both bituminous concrete plants are equipped with component dosing and temperature mode control, which allows the plant operator to make adjustments during production upon necessity. Similarly, all the characteristics of the material produced and the amount of materials used is registered. The automated computer software developed by YIT Group fixes significant discrepancies and can stop the production process until the error or discrepancy is eliminated. The production facilities are fitted with dosing equipment, which provides the possibility to produce all types of SMA and AC type bituminous concrete mixtures as well as bituminous concrete mixtures supplemented with polymer additives and mixtures with added recycled asphalt, complying with all environmental protection requirements.

The company's experts have gained international experience by communicating with foreign colleagues and rising knowledge in Finland. It gives the opportunity to apply the skills in the daily work in order to introduce and implement the latest technology in the bituminous concrete production processes including the production and coating of recycled bituminous concrete and to master the specifics of the law-temperature asphalt technology.

To ensure continuous improvement of the production process, raise efficiency and provide sustainable environmental solutions, the data, performance and main characteristics of all bituminous concrete plants owned by YIT Gorup in the entire Baltic region are regularly compared and assessed.

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