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Information for clients

We will continue to provide daily services observing all necessary and prescribed safety precautions.

📱 You can get into touch with our sales specialists remotely in a convenient way – email, phone call, video call, contact form on website, YIT chat.
✔️ Additional disinfection measures are taken regularly at the sales office, and there are hand hygiene products available.
📝 Contracts can be signed in person (in the presence of a notary public) observing the practice of social distancing of two meters or remotely (booking, letters of intent).
📹 We offer apartment viewing in video or in person with prior arrangement.
💬 Apartments can be booked remotely.
🔑 Apartments are handed to customers according to individual arrangements.
🏗️ Work on the construction sites continues, establishing stricter safety precautions for both the YIT team and all subcontractors involved.
❗ In-person meetings will require you to complete and sign a form confirming that you are complying with national security measures.

Let’s take good care of our own health and safety and that of others!

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