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YIT and  energy efficiency

When constructing and developing projects we pay a lot of attention to energy efficiency. However the building insulation materials, good windows and doors as well as photoelectric elements are no more than a half of the work. The other half is up to you – to operate the apartment and its utilities with prudency. We have prepared some advice to help you to save energy and warmth by decreasing the bills and preserving the nature. When buying new electric devices, check their energy efficiency marking! Often it is more gainful to buy a slightly more expensive device that will save more electric energy in a long term. You certainly know that appliances vary in their energy efficiency and when purchasing them it is necessary to look at the energy efficiency labels. But do you also know how much energy an appliance wastes annually by being switched to the “STAND BY” mode for a long time? Or how much you can increase a refrigerator’s or freezer’s energy efficiency by cleaning its cooling unit with a vacuum cleaner at least once per year? The ways of saving energy at home are really endless, but the first step is still the selection of a suitable project!

Air moisture

During the heating season, sustaining sufficient air moisture in the home is important – 50 % approximately. Dry air may adversely influence the health and may harm the furniture and paintings. In apartments with dry air, it is advised to grow plants or use a special air humidifier.


Do your laundry at lower temperature (in such a way you will also avoid colouring of the clothes) and use the soaking programme only in the event of need. Use the short washing programmes as often as possible as they let you save electric energy.


Your TV set, computer, loud speakers, printers and other devices use electric energy also while on stand-by (besides, if the devices are located in the bed room, the gleaming lights may disturb your sleep). Plug several devices in one multi-functional extension equipped with a switch and, when leaving home or going to bed, switch them off with one click.


One big refrigerator spends 20% less than two smaller models with the same total power. It is also advised to regularly clean the refrigerator cooler to prevent icing.

Completed projects

Bellow you can find our most recent examples of projects that were built following energy efficiency principles.


The project is executed using energy efficiency principles. As a result, the building "Akācijas" won 1st prize in the competition “Latvia’s most energy efficient building 2014”, in the category “Energy efficiency in apartment blocks in Latvia. New building".

The main evaluation criteria for projects submitted for the competition are total energy consumption for heating and hot water and heat energy savings after renovation. Secondary criteria include ventilation system solutions, sustainable construction solutions and quality. At Akāciju iela 6, one nine-storey building with 62 apartments has been constructed. The building contains quality and comfortable one-, two- and three-room apartments. There are 62 overground parking spaces in the yard.

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The project is executed using energy efficiency principles. This is demonstrated by the fact that Building 4 at 21A Tālivalža iela won 2nd place in the competition “Latvia’s most energy efficient building 2015” in the category “Energy efficiency in apartment blocks in Latvia. New building”.

The residential complex "Biķerziedi" is situated in a strategical location in Riga — the Teika district with excellent public transportation and required infrastructure around, and the location is one of the greenest areas historically developed in Riga. Each house contains one-, two-, three- or four-room apartments; the apartments have balconies. The building has both underground and overground parking places. The building has three stairways. Interior of apartments is fully finished. The territory is lighted and planted green, with a playground.

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PROJECT "Domino"

The project is executed using energy efficiency principles. This is shown also by the fact that project DOMINO Street Stendes 5 has received 1st place in the competition “Latvia’s most energy efficient building 2017” in the category “Energy efficiency in apartment blocks in Latvia. New building”.

Residential building “Domino” is located in quiet and calm area – Sampeteris, but in same time relatively close to city centre. Tasteful 4-5 storey house offers one, two, three and four room apartments. Project “Domino” combines Scandinavian taste and quality. Nearby shopping malls, good infrastructure, health care, schools and kindergartens. 




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