We build apartment and office buildings per private orders, implement YIT-initiated projects and perform under public and municipal procurement by constructing and developing public buildings, civil engineering structures and reconstruction projects. 

Our values

One of our key values is a constantly high quality that we ensure for each our partner. The quality of our buildings and construction operations is audited and verified by Bureau Veritas.

We are committed to care constantly about the needs of our customers by designing, constructing and developing buildings that are comfortable, safe and friendly to anyone residing or working in them. Customer requirements and obligations in combination with our rich construction experience enabling us to find the best solutions let us perform works we can be proud of.

We are committed to take care of the safety and health of our employees in their workplaces and treat the environment carefully. 

Our management system takes care of:

 The quality management system maintains our compliance with the environmental, occupational health and safety regulations, as well as the maintenance of internal standards.

 Monitoring of the construction process and administrative management. We use personal protective equipment to prevent personal injuries of employees or deterioration of their health.

 The management system provides constant monitoring of energy and natural resource use to assess the work process and to ensure that the resources are used as optimally as possible to reduce the level of noise, waste, by-products and contamination.

 Systematic work safety assessment in workplaces and construction sites. We continuously support training and development of our staff and appreciate their initiatives.