YIT history

The YIT history started in March 1912 when agency ‘Yleinen Insinooritoimisto’ (‘The Main Engineering Bureau’) of Swedish company ‘Allmanna Ingeniorsbyran’ (AIB) was opened in Helsinki. From the name of this agency the three letters of the YIT brand originated.

YIT in Latvia

YIT and Lemminkäinen merged on 1 February 2018.
In Latvia, YIT started its operations kin 1998 when construction company LTD ‘FKSM’ was established. In 2004, reorganisation of LTD ‘FKSM’ resulted in LTD ‘TOP Māja’ and LTD ‘YIT Latvija’ joining the company, and its name was changed to LTD ‘YIT Celtniecība’. By the current moment company ‘YIT Celtniecība’ has held stable positions in the Latvian market of developers, constructors and service providers. Not only do we construct and develop projects of residential buildings as well as public buildings and engineering structures, but also deal with reconstruction of buildings. But in 2018, the road construction company "Lemminkainen Latvija" was renamed "YIT Infra Latvija". SIA "YIT Infra Latvija" is engaged in road construction, building of buildings and other engineering structures, asphalt concrete production and supply, as well as provision of material testing laboratory services.

The main directions of our activities:

◆ developing real estate projects,
◆ conducting and managing general construction works,
◆ monitoring general construction works,
◆ conducting and managing restoration works,
◆ designing the architecture and construction of buildings and houses.