Career at YIT

We are proud of our qualified and motivated employees who have been helping our company to grow and develop – and we are helping them to grow and develop. It is a team work requiring strong corporative culture, specific mode of thinking and approach to work that provided the foundation for the staff of YIT. From each employee we expect positive attitude to the customers, colleagues and partners as it is the positive and encouraging environment that best supports creation of new ideas and solutions.

And new ideas, initiative and independence is of great value to our opinion. Work in a construction company often means high dangerousness. That is why we are continuously improving our work methods and carefully observe the safety regulations in order to zero out probability of accidents. Regardless your profession we wish that you feel safe and good – and that we become the most attractive employer in the sector.

We wish to hire the best specialist in the field. We appreciate your knowledge and education level as well as your motivation and attitude to work; your social skills and ethical values. By selecting employees who best conform to the YIT values and culture, we create a friendly and concordant company wherein every employee is important and needed in his or her place.

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