What is a sustainable city like?

Our vision is "More life in sustainable cities" and that is what we aim for every day. We develop sustainable cities that take into account the needs of both people and the environment.





What do I get from this?

A sustainable city is valuable for all of its stakeholders. The impact of our own operations towards our stakeholders is fairly small compared to the impact of our products and services. However, it is important for us that our own operations develop continuously and that we do not cause any harm for any of our stakeholders.

For citizens a sustainable city means it's a comfortable place to live in, services are close, public transportation operates well and it's a good surrounding for living a happy and sustainable life.


For the environment a sustainable city means less greenhouse gas emissions, smaller utilisation of natural resources and more places for the nature and biodiversity to thrive in the city.


For city officials this means attractive urban areas that support the city's future as a sustainable place to live and work in. Besides, it means trustworthy partnerships in urban development.


Our biggest impact towards our stakeholders is through our products and services. But beside that, we take good care of our own operations and make sure that we are a responsible member of the society.