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  • Jaunumi
  • 3/21/2022

YIT donates EUR 100,000 to help the victims of the war in Ukraine

YIT’s Board of Directors decided on a donation of EUR 100,000 to help the people of Ukraine. The donation will be allocated to the Ukraine Disaster Relief Fund of the Finnish Red Cross, which will provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the war and those fleeing the war. 

“The Russian military attack has led to great human distress and suffering in Ukraine. We are very shocked by these recent events and our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine,” says Markku Moilanen, the CEO of YIT Corporation.  

“We are all touched and shocked by the war. We operate in Central Eastern Europe, where the first refugees are arriving. We hope that this donation we have made to the Red Cross will be allocated to Ukraine and the neighbouring countries in particular, where the need is greatest,” says Markku Moilanen. 

As a property developer, it is also natural for YIT to help by providing available space for humanitarian organisations. We concluded an agreement to rent the property in Vallila free of charge to the Ukrainian relief coordination centre in Finland. The centre was opened on 16 March.