Civil engineering

Since May 2013, in parallel with the road construction and production of bituminous concrete, the company offers to its customers a broad spectrum of solutions for in-situ reinforced concrete and foundation engineering; thus, the company strengthens the Group's positions in the Baltic countries in this operational direction.

Given that on daily basis the team of YIT (formerly LLC “Lemminkainen Latvia”) employees brings together both domestic and foreign experts from countries where YIT (formerly “Lemminkäinen”) companies operate, it is possible to offer civil engineering solutions of various scale and complexity to the customers.

Construction of buildings, industrial structures, bridges, ports, tunnels, micro-tunnels, and other underground structures

Pile construction works


Soil reinforcement and stabilisation work

Pile testing works (static, dynamic and ultrasonic testing)

Development, evaluation and expert-examination of project solutions

Supporting wall construction works

Recycling works

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